Training for Health Care Staff in Assisted Living Facilities

Project #5: Training for health care staff in assisted living facilities on dementia, delirium and depression

The GWEP grant permits us to provide assisted living facilities throughout New Jersey free on-site training and case-based consultation and support on Alzheimer’s disease and behavior management.


Any assisted living facility interested in participating in the GWEP training program must complete an Assisted Living Facility Survey, to provide a perspective on the readiness of the facility administration and staff to participate in the training and fulfill the requirements.  Once accepted into the program, the facility must complete a Memorandum of Understanding that details the respective responsibilities of the facility and the GWEP in the delivery of the training program.

The GWEP training curriculum consists of the following topics:

Each training is about 1.0 hour long and requires the attendance of at least 8 – 10 AL staff.  The facility administration is asked to designate a staff member whose role it is to facilitate staff’s attendance at each training.   As part of the grant, facility administration is required to identify a Staff Resource Expert to serve as a resource person to staff after completion of the trainings.   In addition, each facility is invited to participate in ongoing conference calls to receive case-based consultation for individuals with dementia who are experiencing significant behavioral disturbances.  The case-based consultation uses the ECHO tele-education conferencing platform, permitting interaction between members of the interprofessional team.

The GWEP also offers a one hour training for family and caregivers on dementia, delirium and depression. This provides an opportunity for family members to learn more about the disease and related behaviors and share insights and concerns.
For information about ALF training in New Jersey:

Contact: Debi Klaszky MSN, APN-C at klaszkde@rowan.edu or Elyse Perweiler at perweiea@rowan.edu