Training for Health Providers and Families

Project #6:  Training for health providers and families on detection and management of changes in cognition and function in the intellectually and developmentally disabled population in community-living arrangements.

This project is supported by GWEP funding and sponsored in collaboration with the Trinitas Statewide Clinical Outreach Program for the Elderly (S-COPE).  The program is designed to teach those working with intellectually and developmentally disabled (I/DD) individuals to recognize changes in cognition using an early screening for dementia tool (NTG-EDSD) and to understand how declining cognitive function can impact an I/DD individual’s behavior to help alleviate misunderstanding of these behavior changes. The goal is to provide health workers and family caregivers with new strategies and interventions to use when addressing behavioral issues related to a change in cognition and to demonstrate how to create customized care plans for each resident.

For additional information on I/DD training sessions:

Contact: Mobin Chadha at mchadha@trinitas.org

NTG-EDSD form click here.